Large Snap Bar Collections

Large Snap Bar Collections


Collections prices from £18 and vary depending on the number of snap bars in each collection 


Perfume - 10 snap bars 

Fruity - 10 snap bars 

Sweet Shop - 9 snap bars 

Aftershave - 8 snap bars 

Clean & Fresh - 7 snap bars 

Calming - 6 snap bars 


Our bundle offer includes 1 snap bar in each scent from your chosen collection 


Hand Poured 

100% Natural Soy Wax

Vegan Friendly & ALWAYS Cruelty Free 


Approx 100g 


Suitable for use with tealight wax burners & electric aroma lamps 



  • Fire Safety

    Never leave a lit candle unattended 

    Keep out of reach of children & pets 

    Discard of used wax responsibly and in line with local regulations